Fun with Fido sponsors leading dog agility star

Posted by Fido 08/09/2017 0 Comment(s)

Fun with Fido is the proud sponsor of Chantal Karyta, a leading dog agility handler and trainer. Chantal Karyta has previously competed at Crufts and Olympia with her Shelties and represented Team England in the World Agility Open in 2016 and Team GB at the FCI Agility World Championships in Spain, 2016.


As well as competing at top level Chantal Kartrya runs her business CK9 Training which offers dog training, including agility, to clients in Surrey and Greater London. Chantal is also a trainer for Dog Aid and regularly attends lectures and seminars by internationally renowned dog trainers and behaviourists such as Ken Ramirez, Emily Larlham and Grisha Stewart.


Chantal Kartrya is a big fan of the Fun with Fido treat toys and uses them for her own dogs as well as her training classes.

"I absolutely love the Fun with Fido toys - my dogs find them hugely rewarding as they get to chase, tug and get a food treat all from one toy! I also use these toys for my clients' dogs that are initially more food motivated. They have really helped create more drive towards the toy and encourages the dogs to play. I can't recommend them enough," says Chantal Kartrya.


Fun with Fido interactive treat toys are a popular choice for agility dog owners as they are fun, visual, create focus and reward the dog. They can be used for training purposes such as contact training, forward focus, creating distance, chase drive and motivation.


Becky Layphries, owner and founder of Fun with Fido is delighted to be sponsoring Chantal Kartrya and her four dogs which include a Papillon and three Shelties.

“Chantal is brilliant with her dogs and fantastic to watch. I wish Chantal and Savannah, her Shelti, who she is currently partnering with for competitions every success with their agility career.”